Medical Cannabis, Cannabis Patients

Cannabis has quickly become one of the most prescribed medications in Canada due to its efficacy and safety profile.

Many physicians now believe that cannabis should be used first-line as a pain medication and that cannabis is part of the solution to the opioid crisis.

Unfortunately, not all cannabis strains are created equal. The same strain which works well for one patient, can be inefficacious for others. It takes time and expertise to select the correct strain for the correct patient.

At ReadyToGo clinic, we have a team of physicians, nurses and administrative staff to help guide you through the process of selecting a cannabis strain which is effective and safe for your particular ailment.

At our Medical Clinic, we provide patients with free-of-charge education to help patients make informed choices about medical cannabis treatments. Our cannabis educators combine healthcare knowledge with cannabis expertise to help patients succeed on their cannabis journey. Providing guidance and support on all matters relating to cannabis treatment, our educators assist patients in developing personalized treatment plans. Our cannabis educators assist patients in tailoring their treatment plans to determine optimal dosing, strain selection, safety, modes of administration, best suited to their health goals.

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medical cannabis, educators assist patients, cannabis patients

Medical Cannabis - Cannabis Patients